Best Webcams for Mac: Make Your Choice

Looking for such an important item of the accessories for Mac fans as a decent webcam to enhance your streaming or for other purposes? Let us offer you a review of the best ones in 2018. In this short review, we are only describing the models’ basic specs without mentioning some points like, for example, their photos features. However, we hope our small guide will assist you in choosing the right option for your Mac. We are going to describe five webcams so you can understand which is really the best for you based on your preference and the model’s affordability.

Logitech Brio

4K is gradually becoming a standard feature in video recording, so probably you will choose Logitech Brio as your preferable webcam. The plug-and-play Logitech Brio is an external webcam that films in 4K, meaning you will look as crisp as possible. The device provides two viewing angles, 65 and 78-degrees, so you may be flexible as to including of the surroundings. The Logitech Brio features Logitech’s RightLight 3 with HDR technology, meaning the best color balance and all Logitech webcams correction. The model seems an affordable and high-quality option for about $160.

Tandberg PrecisionHD

The model starts at about $350, so if you are not looking for something posh, the Tandberg PrecisionHD will probably be your optimum preference. Though the model only films in 720p, it produces 30FPS, making your video smooth and pretty. Besides, the Tandberg, being a real plug-and-play device, does not need any drivers, which is a pleasant convenience too. Probably, the biggest boon in the model is the internal optics. The light correction is nearly perfect and has an optical zoom, which smoothly maintains resolution regardless the distance.

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Logitech C920

The model is the predecessor of Logitech C930 and enjoys huge popularity. The webcam films in 1080p at 30FPS and has the important benefit of being certified for Skype HD, which means an unparallel quality of your Skype calls. The viewing angle is wide enough (78 degrees), and the microphone with noise cancellation erases all background noises effectively making your communication charmingly convenient. The model’s starting price is just about $52. So if you wisely consider that a webcam with premium video quality for such a price is a reasonable choice, then the C920 perfectly suits you.

Logitech C615

The Logitech C615 has a starting price of around $35 and represents a small size and compact device with a recording value of 1080p. Logitech C615 comes with a 360-degree swivel mount to simplify the search of an optimal spot on your desktop. Among the webcam’s advantages are a built-in microphone and easy access to any of Logitech supportive software. The model is especially suitable for those who care about 1080p while not so demanding about other features.

Logitech C310

The Logitech C310 has the lowest starting price of the five considered models (just about $20). The model has much in common with the C615. There is a built-in stereo microphone with noise cancellation. The webcam only records with a 720p resolution.