Best Free Antivirus for Mac 2017

It’s not the most pleasant thing to see the computer slowing down, working badly and not accepting commands, as well as applications erroring out. The reasons for this are viruses and various worms that spoil the computer and may destroy it from the inside. Probably the first thing a person should do before starting to work with a new Mac is to download an antivirus program to fully protect it.

Now, there are many paid and free antivirus software, which protect the computer and improve its performance. Antiviruses are not only removed viruses and carefully scan the system but also notify about threats, harmful files, and unsafe downloads. In this article, we will focus on the most popular and free antivirus for Mac in 2017.

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In order to protect your macOS Sierra as much as possible, we suggest considering several free antiviruses presented below:

1. Avast Free Antivirus

Avast is really the best free solution for those who want to get maximum protection for their computer. Avast Free Antivirus exists for a long time already and has collected a considerable number of fans.

Avast Free Antivirus on macOS Sierra
Avast Free Antivirus on macOS Sierra

What are the benefits of this antivirus program? First, Avast constantly updates the database of malware and performs a full scan of the system. This minimizes the risk of viruses infecting your computer. Secondly, it has a SafeZone browser, which accepts no extensions that could harm after downloading. Thirdly, Avast scans the home network, the storage system and your e-mail to eliminate all sorts of threats. In addition to everything, this antivirus is very simple and easy to use on your macOS Sierra.

2. AVG Antivirus for Mac

AVG Antivirus has recently received some of its best updates, with which it can be considered better than its predecessors. This was confirmed by practical and laboratory tests. AVG performs its work at the highest level – it scans the system immediately after launching your Mac, and after that, the computer is completely protected.

AVG AntiVirus on macOS Sierra
AVG AntiVirus on macOS Sierra

After you download and install AVG AntiVirus on your macOS Sierra, you will see two main panes. The one contains all the functions of the standard antivirus to provide complete system protection, namely, computer protection, and web and email protection. The second one has more security options available after purchasing a premium AVG security suite. These will include your private data, and online transactions, as well as scanning programs.

What is more, with AVG Antivirus for Mac, you can conduct a full or selective scan of your computer at any convenient time.

3. Sophos Home

Sophos Home is another great antivirus software that constantly protects your macOS Sierra from potential threats. This antivirus scans the overall condition of the system from time to time, and you may do it by yourself using its simple interface. All the main buttons including “Scan Now”, the system status, and protection status are placed together at the top of the program’s window. There, you will also find a link to the Sophos home dashboard website.

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Sophos Home is equipped with remote accessibility and parental controls, which are the benefits of this particular antivirus.

Sophos Home
Sophos Home

Nevertheless, Sophos Home has several disadvantages or rather shortcomings that should be eliminated. First of all, this antivirus software does not provide any email or browser protection against malware or malicious extensions. Secondly, to control your Sophos account on several Macs, you can use only the web interface. Also, the system scanning takes much time, however, the program does not influence the system operation at all.

4. Avira for Mac

To have your Mac secured, we recommend you to use Avira free antivirus. Recently, this anti-virus has been criticized by users, and this is not groundless. It is known that Avira often did not detect viruses and malicious programs, which lowered the level of trust to this software. But we can’t lose hope since the developers are already trying to improve it.

Avira Free Antivirus
Avira Free Antivirus

In spite of any drawbacks, Avira is among the best free antivirus software for Mac in 2017. It’s equipped with all necessary antivirus functions, namely automatic or custom scan of the system, daily updating, detection and removal of viruses and malicious programs, placing infected files in quarantine, and some others. Moreover, you can select a quick or full scan of your Mac, and change the settings at your discretion.

In addition, Avira offers a real-time protection to guarantee absolute security.

5. Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is a perfect choice when you need to eliminate malware and protect your macOS Sierra from different threats. It offers quick and effective cleaning from a variety of infected files and malicious programs, as well as provides high-quality security.

Malwarebytes for Mac
Malwarebytes for Mac

Malwarebytes is an antivirus program with an appealing interface and helpful tools, which make the use of it as much comfortable as possible. The interface contains several tabs – Dashboard, Scan, Settings, and History. When you decide to scan, press the “Scan now” button and update virus definitions.

The only thing when using Malwarebytes for your Mac is that it doesn’t offer automatic update setting or quick scanning. To use this antivirus program to the fullest, you will need to purchase and download the premium version.