Best in 2018: iPhone that is Perfect for You

Several years ago the choice of the iPhone was much simpler. Apple issued only one model a year and it was clear that this model has the best and the most refined features. Thus, you take the latest model and that is it, you have the full pack of the most advanced features at your disposal. Now the choice of the iPhone is not so simple. There is a great number of new iPhone models, designed for different users and goals. Monitor the information about each iPhone model and select the best one is, in fact, a complicated task.

If you want to have the best model of this year and do not have any concerns regarding money, there is no doubt that one should opt for iPhone X. The scope of features and design has proven that this iPhone is an awesome solution for iPhone users.

Features that Make iPhone X the Best One

The outstanding aspect regarding the iPhone X is the combination of the big screen and light weight. This time you do not need to think whether the bigger screen or lightness is more important for you since you receive both. The model is packed with the OLED display, which without a doubt is the best of the best. The display is fully HDR and it means that iTunes, Amazon, and Netflix are available for the owners in Dolby Version or HDR10.

The iPhone X could be hardly called the best model of the year if its camera is not upgraded. The owner will be able to make two camera photos with the improved dual lens camera system from Apple. It provides new effects, 2x optical and 10x digital zoom. The lens is optimized and provides better performance under the condition when the light is not very good. Even making the video is updated: it is up to 60FPS 4K and 240FPS 1080p now available.

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Face ID authentication feature is available with the new TrueDepth front camera. It can recognize your face with a different haircut or any other changes of your appearance even at night. By means of the upgraded camera system, your selfies will be even brighter and more catching.

The model is available in silver or grey space that both look very nice and stylish. Considering your targets there is a necessity to think about the storage size. The 64GB will be suitable for those, who are not going to store a lot of content and will use the device for video or music streaming. The second available version, which contains 256GB, offers serious size capabilities for storing your media and set you free from all worries about the space.

There is also an opportunity to get AppleCare + to fix all appearing issues timely and guarantee a smooth operation. In fact, iPhone X possesses all functions to be called a primary computing device and is number one of the current year.