HideMe7 Lite – Tweak that You Should Definitely Have on Your iPhone

If you are the owner of iOS from Apple you have already made sure that it is full of different features that can be quite annoying. Of course, you want your gadget to perform everything that you wish but it’s still impossible for you to handle all those labels underneath your app icons and remove the similar irritating things that you can`t get rid of just using Settings. HideMe7 Lite will be your true helper in such situations. You will be able to cope with all the annoyances that you can find on your springboard, status bar, lock screen, and control center.

If you want to install HideMe7 Lite on your iPhone, you have to be sure that it is jailbroken. Then, you can easily download this app from Cydia. Your next step will be to head to the stock Settings application and place the HideMe7 preferences. You should remember that it is very important to restring all the changes in order to apply them. So, it`s high time to find out what HideMe7 Lite can do for you.

After the installation of HideMe7 Lite on your iPhone you will be able to re-enable and disable features that you find irritating

Effective Control Center Changes

Every aspect of the Control Center in the Control Center settings can be hidden. However, the size of the Control Center can be affected that depends on the amount that you choose to hide. You should check out CCToggles if you are going to remove single toggles from your Control Center or add them to it.

HideMe7 Lite includes such Control Center features

Hide the undesirable Lock Screen Features

If you want to toggle off such unwanted features as grabbers, camera icon, or date, you just have to head into LockScreen under the preferences. As you can see, everything is pretty easy.

HideMe7 Lite includes such Lock Screen features

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Make your Status Bar fully yours

Yes, with the use of HideMe7 Lite it is really possible. Just head to Status Bar and hide all the things that are displayed there. You can hide such basic features as data networks, Bluetooth icon, battery icon, carrier, and so on. You can add everything that you truly want.

HideMe7 Lite includes such Status Bar features

Alter your Home Screen

All you need to do is to browse through your home screen preferences, which are located under SpringBoard and select those features you want to remove. HideMe7 Lite can hide page dots, app labels, dock background, and badge icons. Just find out what other useful things it can do to make you satisfied.

HideMe7 Lite includes such SpringBoard features