Attach Your iPad to MacBook

The multitasking can become even easier now. All you need is to use Ten One Design’s new Mountie+, which is an update to its original version. By using this simple technology, you can attach your iPad or iPhone to the laptop and work with different tasks at the same time. The newest Mountie+ can work with 10.5 or 12.9-inch iPads. The technology functions through a simple double clamp mechanism, meaning that you can attach an iPad to the left, right side or top of your MacBook Pro.

The double-clamp mechanism includes soft pieces of grippy rubber to hold the display of your iPad Pro. There are different types of size to fit many other devices.

How to use the double-clamp mechanism correctly

Try to avoid doing damage to your devices. That is why you need to grip your MacBook Pro not too tight. Otherwise, it can cause visible distortion to the display.

Keep in mind: Ten One Design can swap out the holder for you if one of these fits a little tight. Also, there can be concerns about the pressure on the laptop, but you have nothing to worry about.

The easiest way to setup is next: you can attach Mountie+ right out of the box, even though some people prefer to make component swaps. In this case, Mountie+ may not work. Would be more helpful from Ten One Design to provide users with a little instruction. Such instruction would make things clearer for those, who never used it before.

  1. You can open up the buckles on the Mountie+.
  2. Put the thinner side on your MacBook Pro (in this case, the small tabs should face the display side).
  3. Put the thicker side on your iPad/iPhone.
  4. Line it up and close the buckle to use clamp mechanism correctly.
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If you have a MacBook Pro 2016 or 2017, you need to be aware of the slimmer bezels. The older models have no obstruction because of its thick bezels. You can also charge your iPad while it is attached because Mountie+ allows you to use the Lightning port.

Here how it looks like, if you have attached your iPad correctly. Now, you can continue your work and include some multitasks.

The same action you can repeat with your iPhone.

This tool can be very useful and helpful for many people who prefer to work with the different apps.

If you know that your activity requires an additional screen, new Mountie+ is the best-refurbished tool for you. It is compatible with all of the laptops made by Apple and all recent iPad models as well. Moreover, you can use other devices, for example, Android iPad or Smartphone.

It is highly recommended not to use the Mountie+ for 12.9-inch iPads. It works better with the 10.5-inch models. It is not expensive since you can reach a magic price point and buy this helpful tool for only $35. Make sure you understood all instructions of this unique mechanism.