Apple Has Officially Released iMac Pro

Many Apple users have waited the official release date for a very long time. Finally, it came to life. On December 14, the newest workstation-class Mac was available on the Apple’s official page. You can get 8- or 10-core iMac immediately and 14-and 18-core models are coming soon. Find out, what is the best Mac for you. The previous version of the iMac Pro was released in 2013. However, it had only one update in the next four years, which was the biggest mistake.

The newest machine made by Apple has plenty of processing power, but that is not enough in a professional way. iMac Pro is something special that demonstrates how Apple wants to achieve high results regarding different demands. The initial price for iMac Pro starts at $4,999 (with the 8-core). There is also an option – configure-to-order – where you can get 10-, 14- and 18-core processors with different RAM (32, 64 or 128GB), flash storage (including 1, 2, or 4TB) + graphics.

Inside the iMac Pro: Processor and graphics

Let us dive deeper and see what we have inside the newest machine from Apple. First, iMac Pro has an Intel Xeon processor. In details, it is a Xeon W – the workstation-class CPU with multiple processing cores for a workstation-class software. The mentioned processors include Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (AVX 512), Intel’s configuration set for 512-bit ‘single-instruction, multiple-data’ operations.

As we informed you before, there is an opportunity to choose between four different processor configurations: 8-core, 10-core, 14-core, and 18-core. Apple stated that the best option for many users would be the choice of a 10-core model, which is a perfect combination of a price and incredible performance. Moreover, you can get the highest Turbo Boost frequency of these four models at 4.5GHz. The 14-core model is not a part of the full lineup.

Now, let’s talk about graphics. Here, AMD Radeon Pro Vega graphics is responsible for the pixels. The base model goes with 8GB configuration, along with an opportunity to upgrade – to the 16GB version.

The important part of presenting this new machine is to underline the fact that these processors and GPUS are the fastest and such combination was never used before for Macs. Many famous applications went through the tests during the event, and the results were amazing: there was no single lag or jitter. Also, the VR demo-apps showed perfectly 3D objects and smooth flowing of animation. Even more impressions and positive facts left the demo of Apple’s Xcode.

More to show: Display and design

According to Apple’s officials, processor and graphics are not the only best parts of an iMac Pro: the highest standard also touched the display. The main advantages of the display are impressive. For example, a 5120-by-2880 resolution and 500 nits of brightness with the 27-inch Retina display includes billions of colors, using the P3 color gamut technology. Still, it is not an HDR display. There were no opportunities to test the quality of a display, but we know how good Apple’s display is.

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iMac Pro ports (left to right): headphone, SD card, 4 USB 3 ports, 4 Thunderbolt 3 connectors, 10GB Ethernet

The external design of the current display looks very familiar to all users. The main difference is allowing the user to configure VESA mounting, which means that the consumer iMac has to have a configuration of a VESA mount at the moment of the purchase.

As to other differences, you can see the space gray finish and rear air vents (very impressive). However, if you are not interested in seeing the insides, Apple made a perfect attempt to address the most needs of this Mac. The important detail is that the newest Apple’s machine does not have a hard drive or an SSD since it has the flash storage on the motherboard.

The RAM is installed in the DIMM slots, so you can upgrade it by adding more units.

New T2 chip for security

Previously, Apple has introduced the T1 chip in the MacBook Pro, which could handle processing and display for the Touch Bar and provide the high level of security for Touch ID. The iMac Pro has a debut feature – T2 chip, which can control components and tasks, previously covered by other internal chips. The main advantage of the T2 chip is to free the main CPU from different tasks and to focus its work more on the processing. Regarding security, it also has some new features. For instance, there is a secure enclave for file encryption (also known as – FileVault) and a newer version of startup security feature, which wasn’t presented at the media event. Apple will provide all iMac Pro users with a software utility for managing the secure boot process.

New devices

Space gray keyboard for the iMac Pro

On every inch of this newest device, Apple demonstrated more updates. Regarding new devices, we have special space gray accessories, including a Magic Mouse – also a newer version and a Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad. These devices are perfectly fit to the iMac Pro. However, there is no information regarding the purchase of them separately. More likely, users would get such possibility when the demand is great enough.