iPad Tower in Dubai: New Word in the Architecture

Since 2006 in Dubai’s Business Bay the work over the building, which remains a giant iPad by its form, has begun. Almost ten years took the building of the iPad tower and now it is announced to be accomplished this year.

The outstanding design of the Hong Kong architect James Law is prominent not only by its exterior. The architect tried to change public opinion about the architecture, as just metal, concrete and glass but tried to power it with all the latest technologies and software.

The idea of James Law consists not only of making a comfortable and beautiful building in the shape of new iPad but change the approach to modern house constructing. The iPad tower has 24 stores and 231 flats. But these flats will change your opinion about the usual house space. The apartments offer their owners changing reality due to virtual projection and promise interesting and bright experience. Even the bathroom will astonish with its technologies. There will be embedded a feature of the health examination with displaying the results. Instead of the usual keys, the house residents will require RFID tags to get to their apartments.

The building creator compares his project to the armor of the superhero of the comic books – Iron Man. James Law has designed not simply a space for living or concrete embodiment of the Apple’s business gadget, the building is like armor, wearing which makes it possible to feel the real life.

The concept of the intelligent apartment developed by James Law promises to be an awesome combination of high-technologies and modern house constructing. Let’s wait and try on the Iron Man armor.

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