Apple and Shazam: Acquisition Confirmed

On the 11th of December Apple confirmed the acquisition of Shazam, a mobile application that you should have on your iPhone and which allows users to recognize songs, films, TV shows and even advertisements from small snippets. As we have already mentioned in a previous article about Apple’s plans for Shazam, we believe that this collaboration is a great fit.

Shazam is known for being one of the most popular mobile applications in the world and millions of people cannot imagine their daily life without it. Becoming a part of Apple, Shazam can significantly improve its products and users’ experience when it comes to music services. Therefore, it is obvious that Shazam’s team can improve Apple Music and attract even more users to this service. Currently, Apple Music along with Spotify already gets more than a million clicks per day from Shazam’s users.

In a word, Apple is interested in this collaboration since Shazam can improve its services greatly and bring new interesting product ideas to them. So let’s wait and see all the new features with our own eyes!

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