Should Apple Acquire Shazam?

Tech world still discusses a hot topic about collaboration between Apple and Shazam, a well-known mobile service for music identification. It was launched in a distant 1999 year and won a lot of fans from that time. However, Apple’s business is expanding rapidly and in all directions so no perspective app can be left out of their attention. If the report from such a reliable source as TechCrunch is correct, users may see Apple taking Shazam under its wing very soon.

A deal in $400 million could be signed this week and officially declared early next week. Despite the fact that this sum is less than Shazam’s proclaimed valuation, it is still a tidy sum. Thus, as we can see, Apple does not lack money these days.

However, does it really makes any sense for Apple to buy Shazam? Why not continue to license this application without acquiring it? On the one hand, these companies have been business partners for years, complementing each other successfully. For instance, Siri’s music identification function is provided by Shazam. On the other hand, when having Shazam in the house, Apple can successfully use it for better search technologies and additional features for its products. In a word, Shazam can help Apple expand the devices’ functions significantly and occupy the niche connected with music search and voice commands.

Shazam’s marvelous musical powers and Apple’s engineering talent can become an excellent combination. So let’s wait and see whether these two companies can produce a real secret weapon for all music fans.

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