Learn How to Clean Mac Trash Immediately

If you think that your empty trash is not a serious problem, you are wrong. Most people after deleting the trash mac content do not suspect that all files can be removed completely from the system. There is a great and powerful method to track them all and make a deep clean once and forever. We will guide the simple methods and show you how to clean trash on mac completely.

Usually, people prefer to use the manual method of cleaning, which can be dangerous if you do not know what to remove exactly. Sometimes, it can lead to deleting some important updates or files. In order to avoid some mistakes made by the manual method, you are able to find a trusted application. There are some good apps, designed and created by the team of professionals. MacFly Pro is one of them.

This simple app can do everything for you. Three main features, such as Smart Assistant, Cleanup and Tools are created to perform as one strong clean out mechanism. The whole process is next: they detect the vulnerable places of your system and provide you with some useful and helpful tips, for example, how to clean trash on mac, in few simple clicks. This also a good software for those users, who use Mac for gaming. It can boost the overall performance of your laptop.

How to empty trash on Mac securely

Emptying a trash can mac does not mean that all files are totally removed. That is happening because of Apple’s special feature – secure empty trash –which is designed to overwrite the deleted files, and provide you an opportunity to recover something, you accidentally deleted, for instance.

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This feature is available only on OS X Yosemite and earlier. How to find it:

  • Finder > select ‘Secure Empty Trash’.
  • The next window will ask you whether you want to delete all files permanently or not > select ‘secure empty trash’ to confirm it.

  • Here you go! After few seconds, the Trash is completely empty.

How to force empty trash on Mac using Terminal

You can use some mac tips in Terminal to proceed this action. This method is highly recommended if you want to force clean empty trash on Mac. Follow these steps:

  • Finder > Apps > Utilities > launch up Terminal.
  • Type this: srm –v followed by a space.

  • Move a file from the Finder to the Terminal, hit the Enter. The file is successfully deleted.

How to empty your trash with MacFly Pro

In order to make everything happen, you need to rely on the mentioned above application, MacFly Pro can help you delete all files from trash immediately, and you do not need to waste time. Just in few clicks, you can remove all files from your system. Moreover, the unique features of this app will show you how to manage the same action again.

Make sure you follow all steps of this guide to solve this problem.