Get It Done Yourself: How to Clean Mac

You should realize that all your things need to be cared of and it does not matter if it is cheap Chinese smartphone or well-crafted new iMac from Apple which must work perfectly by default. So understanding that your Mac needs your attention as well is your first big step. However, before you start googling different articles on how to clean my Mac with the use of different tools like Activity Monitor or something like that, you need to get an idea of what Mac maintenance is.

Mac Maintenance

This term means preserving your device in a proper condition so that your Mac could provide you with constant great performance according to its specifications. In regards to hardware, it means keeping your Mac from dust and trash – just regular cleanup Mac. In regards to software, it means removing unnecessary apps, cache, log files and other things in order to avoid system slowdowns. Yes, it is a bit time-consuming but totally worth it.

Basic Tips for Quick Cleaning

So what should you know about how to clean Mac computer?

1. Make sure the desktop is free of unnecessary files. Use only those, which are absolutely important and should always be at hand.

2. Check out your ‘Downloads’ folder. Obviously, you spend lots of time in the Internet and this folder is filling up quicker than you expect. If you have sufficient amount of storage, it helps macOS operate as it should not slowing down the overall performance.

3. Empty trash. Many people forget about the fact that Trash bin also should be emptied. Seriously, this is very simple but very effective way to avoid system slowdowns.

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4. Remove cache files. This is where maintaining your Mac mini takes more time. Temporary data may occupy more place on your device than you think. Also, it can be corrupted and influence negatively the system. To remove the cache, you should go to the folder Library/Caches. Just open Finder and hit cmd+shift+G.

5. Uninstall apps you do not use. Many people have at least a couple of apps they never use but forget to delete or just do not mind. A vast majority of them keep running in the background updating on their own.  Go to Finder > Applications and uninstall the ones you do not need, then empty the trash.

Automatic tools and how they work

How to clean up a Mac? Fortunately, there are programs (special maintenance software) that make our life easier and save our time. It is the matter of your preference, which one to use but the benefits are obvious: your Mac needs cleaning and your time is too valuable. If you have a limited budget and are familiar with terminal commands, junk files locations and other stuff you can deal with it manually. However, it is always better to focus on working than cleaning.

So how do such tools work? Let’s take MacFly Pro as an example. The tool can locate and remove app leftovers, uninstall them, detect duplicate files, clear cache and log files constantly checking the system. It is your smart assistant that will suggest cleanups when it is necessary reducing the time you spend on keeping the Mac maintenance. This is actually the value. And what do you think about how to clean MacBook Pro?