How to Clean the Startup Disk on Mac

Your startup disk is almost full. A warning will urge you to delete files or save space by optimizing storage. So, how do I clear startup disk on mac? The first thing you should definitely do is to stop panicking and take advantage of cleaning Mac manually.

You will inevitably see the “Your startup disk is almost full” error message

Clear up space by deleting Movie files

If you want to get hundreds of gigabytes as quickly as possible, then remove files in the Movies Folder. It`s quite a good idea to delete those films that you`ve already watched as they take a lot of space on a hard drive of your MacBook Pro. You can use your Mac`s Finder to locate the file and delete it. However, there is another way to do it. If the movie is accessible on iTunes, you can use iTunes to delete it from your hard drive easily.

Video content can fill up the largest of drives in no time

Empty trash on your Mac with ease

First of all, you should empty your trash to free up disc space on Mac. Make sure that everything is100% deleted if you want your precious drive space back. Do not be a lazy user who collects a lot of useless clutter. Emptying the Trash on your Mac is extremely simple. There is a setting in OS X that gives you the opportunity to securely empty your trash. Go to Finder-Preferences (or Command) – click on the Advanced tab-select “Empty Trash securely”. You should be very careful while using this method as you won`t be able to recover files that you have deleted by mistake.

This process will likely take longer as the files are overwritten to completely delete them

Trash large cache files

OS X stores a lot of cache files that can fill up the gigabytes of disk memory and cause some problems. That`s why it is better to clear the cache regularly. You can do it just in no time by taking these easy steps:

  • Open new Finder window
  • Choose Go – Go to Folder (shortcut Shift+Cmd+G)
  • Navigate the directory ~/Library/Caches in a window appeared
  • Select all folders and files that you do not need anymore and delete them by dragging them to the trash
  • Go to the Folder again and type /Library/Cache this time
  • Repeat all the steps to delete cache folders and files
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Over some time cache files can occupy space on hard drive

Clear out Desktop and Downloads that take up valuable room on your disk

Every Mac user should definitely manage Desktop and Downloads in order to clear up disk space on Mac. This is a simple way to empty your Downloads:

  • Click on your Downloads folder in the dock
  • Right-click on the curved arrow labeled “Open in Finder”
  • Select your downloads one at a time or press Command+A to choose all your downloads
  • Drag your downloads to the Trash
It is very important to keep your Downloads folder always organized

Cleaning out the Downloads is a very helpful thing whether you have an old Mac that`s losing space or a newer Mac with a smaller drive (like MacBook Air).

Is your Mac desktop full of icons, files, and folders? Of course, the Desktop is a handy place to save and keep files. However, you should take care of organizing your desktop as a lot of desktop clutter can take up space on the startup disk.

Clean up places where you store Media

Music, Apps, and Pictures are big offenders for storage. Cleaning the media files is a great way to free up space. First of all, clean up and organize your iTunes music library. Then, remove all Mobile Applications that are eating up space on your Mac even though they have been deleted from your iPad or iPhone. The last step is to delete all unnecessary files in the pictures folder, where Aperture, Lightroom, and iPhoto data are preserved.

After years of use iTunes can be full of duplicates and links to tracks that are no longer there

It`s high time to scan

You can even clean up a Mac startup disk with the use of some third-party apps. A lot of users recommend MacFly Pro, which can help you get rid of all unnecessary and harmful files so you will definitely get space you have just been dreaming of. In fact, there are a lot of different places on your computer that you can turn to for more trimming.  It scans every inch of your Mac in order to identify everything that prevents your system from operating much faster and better. With MacFly Pro you can forget about the time-consuming process of decluttering your Mac.