Portable USB-C Monitor as a Second Screen for Your MacBook

Are you among those users who opt for usage of two screens? Or maybe it is handy for you, due to your occupation? In fact, two screens extend the scope of functions that can be managed by you at the same time.

The second screen may be very helpful by performing some installations, monitoring your email or editing some video files and simultaneous execution of other various operations. For certain professionals within the IT sphere, the second screen is the necessity and they do not imagine their everyday activities without this.

A portable screen is a huge breakthrough and now it is a reality. Now even the lightest laptop, which you thought would never provide you with such features, is eligible for this. Your MacBook or Mac Pro can be easily connected to portable AOC USB-C monitor. The size (15.6-inch) and weight (800 grams) of the screen make it easy to take it to the business trip or meetings or just anywhere you want.

The I1601FWUX monitor, which is perfect for your MacBook or Mac Pro, requires only Apple USB-C charger or cable to be connected to the laptop. The model is powered by the 1080p (Full HD) IPS display with wide viewing angles. The protection of the screen is ensured by the included cover, so you can feel safe when taking it anywhere. Besides, the cover performs a function of the stand, due to which both usages of landscape and portrait display orientations are possible.

If you want to experience the usage of the new portable monitor, the purchase of I1601FWUX will cost $199.99 for you. The functional characteristics, portability and convenient size are actually worth that and there are hardly any reasons due to which you will not like this newbie. This option really can upgrade the level of your experience with MacBook and make your performance more effective.

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