Major Update to Office for Mac 16

Microsoft Office is probably the most famous software for users’ community. For many years, Microsoft is trying to change and add many helpful features to make their app more comfortable. Another major update came to users last week. With the big list of the newest features Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook can be even better.

The most important thing was to introduce Mac users a new and special real-time collaborative editing, which allows a group of people to work on the same document at the same time regardless of its type. You can notice it easily: while working in Word or making a presentation in PowerPoint, there are flag icons that will let you know how many people are doing the same with the current document or what changes they made. All changes made in any document will be saved automatically and be available in the cloud. Moreover, the process of the synchronization is very fast and takes just a few seconds. If you need a previous version of your documents, you can simply roll back through the feature “version history”.

More features – more opportunities

To continue describing the newest features, it is worth mentioning the next one. There is a quick access to the web links and groups, with the same documents stored in the frequently used web pages and groups section. You can find it in the Open menu.

Microsoft added some features to Excel as well. There are new chart types, useful functions, improved support for PivotTable charts, and multi-threaded calculation for making the formula update faster, especially if someone changed its values. All these mentioned features could be helpful for some devices, for example, if the Mac is used as a tablet for students.

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The next important software of Office package, PowerPoint, received some additional functions as well. For instance, a QuickStarter function is available now to create an outline including suggested talking points and designs. Another useful function is a new Trim Media tool. You can quickly edit audio, video clips or some pictures with Photos specific tools. Your mouse can become more useful, you can turn your little device into a laser pointer in Slide Show to highlight the important information of your slides.

The default email app of Microsoft, Outlook, now has a good feature to archive or delete your emails with a simple swipe move across the touchpad. It also supports Google Calendar and Contacts as well.

These are only the main features of Office Mac 16. You can find many additional small functions and work with any document faster.