iOS 11 Live Photos – New Possibilities for Making More Impressive Results

iOS 11 is even smarter than you think. If earlier you couldn`t edit the length of the video or send it to non-Apple users without the use of the third-party applications, now it is quite possible to do all these things in no time as Apple has upgraded Live Photos with all editing features you can only dream of.  Live Photo has become a must-have for every photographer as it consists of all useful editing tools and impressive effects. The main thing is that you can take advantage of these wonderful options within the one Photos app. Let`s find out how it really works.

Clip and Trim your Live Photos without a hitch

It is a very useful feature, which will give you the opportunity to make your Live Photo shorter. You can also use this feature if you want to remove some embarrassing moments. The process is very simple. Just enter the edit options and grab an arrow. Move it inward from the one side of the video, strip to the place that should be remained. Repeat the same thing from the other side if needed. Then, press “Done” to complete. However, these trimmed areas won`t be completely deleted. You can change your Live Photo back to normal at any time hitting ‘Revert” on the edit screen.

(Trim the failed parts of your Live Photo)

Take advantage of Bounce function

With the use of new editing section, your Live Photos will obtain a new original form. Just open a Live Photo, swipe up on the image or tap on ‘Details’, and start using all available effects. One of the options you will be definitely satisfied with is a Bounce effect. You will be able to make the movement in your Live Photo spring back and forth that is quite impressive and unusual. As you already know, Instagram has a similar effect called Boomerang.

(Use Bounce effect to make your Live Photo move like a boomerang)

Make your Live Photo loop endlessly

In addition to the default Live Photos filter, new animation options were offered by Apple. A new Loop effect will repeat the whole video with dissolve transition without any delays.


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(Make your animation repeat constantly with a dissolve transition)

Find out about what Long Exposure can do

Only imagine that with the use of this new effect you will be able to create a visually astonishing blur to that part of the image that is moving. You should remember that Long Exposure can be successfully applied only to those photos you take being completely still.

(Long Exposure adds unbelievable effect to the objects that move are moving)

Pick new thumbnail directly in the Photos app

After updating to iOS 11, you can easily download Google`s Motion Stills in order to choose a thumbnail for Live Photos in the Photos app. Open a photo you are going to change and tap on the edit icon. A little white box on the slider will help pick your desired thumbnail. After that, you should tap “Make Key Photo” and “Done” if you are completely satisfied with everything you have done. Otherwise, return to your original version by hitting “Revert”.

(Choose a new thumbnail within the Photos app)

Email your Live Photos as GIFs

Your Live Photo will be sent as a still image if you email it via Mail app on your iPhone. However, your image will be successfully converted into a GIF if you want to send Bounce or Loop to make everyone whom you are sending an email to enjoy these astounding effects.

(If you will send a looped Live Photo from Mail, it will show up as a GIF)

Send your Live Photos to Android users with no problems

Your Live Photo will be sent as a still JPG if you want to share it with the Android user. But if you are going to send a photo after applying Bounce or Loop effects on it, it will be automatically converted into 3GP or MP4 on the Android device. In order to send the same Live Photos to Apple users, you should use iMessages.