Do You Need to Buy an iMac Pro?

Apple made an official announcement: it releases the high-powered Mac with many revolutionary features for their fans. There are no doubts that this Mac is going to be the King of all Macs. The technical aspect of the newest Apple computer left many positive impressions. As soon as new iMac becomes available for buying, here is what you need to know about its best parts.

Right before the official announcement, many professional bloggers and experts wrote tons of interesting articles regarding the newest computer. For instance, this iMac is the first one to be built on the workstation-level processors with an excess of processor cores (8, 10, 14). Moreover, iMac supports a 5K, which is very popular nowadays, especially among professional editors. If you are planning to buy Mac, then find out more information below.

Feel the power of the multi-core processor

The modern multi-core processors are strong enough to execute code simultaneously, but not all software is designed to spread the workload across those multi-cores. People may use some audio plugins, and it will swamp a single core of the i7 processor in 5K iMac, although, the other cores may remain utterly untaxed. However, most tools can be written to grab as many cores as possible and use them to their fullest.

Many professionals have their opinions regarding the processor and its work: for example, it can be the Spectral De-Noise filter – iZotope RX 6 for audio processing package. This filter is performing well since it can remove background noise from audio tracks and will max out your iMac’s cores. In this case, new iMac Pro can save your time and do its job faster.

If you still doubt that multi-core processor can be helpful, you can check it through the Activity Monitor app by opening the CPU monitor window. You will see how all of your cores perform, especially during the most intense work. For someone, who is looking for more speed, iMac Pro is a good option since it can give a big speed boost for your apps.

iMac Pro and its graphics

The main thing about iMac Pro’s graphics – you have a powerful GPU made by the Radeon Pro Vega. It is undoubtedly the biggest boost regarding graphics. If you are working with media content that requires huge resources or with VR development, the iMac Pro is something that you need. Keep in mind that the newest Apple’s computer supports twice the number of external displays – 5K. If you are looking for a powerful machine with two or more external displays, you need the iMac Pro.

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The best 5K iMac you can get

Starting at $4,999, you can get the base model of iMac Pro. The hardware combination of the current model is next:

  • 1TB flash storage;
  • 32GB of RAM;
  • 8-core processor.

If you are looking for the best combination, you need to pay more. In this case, you will get maximum speed and performance. The choice is depending on you.

New Peripherals

So far, there were the main pros of buying the iMac Pro. Now, it is time to discuss some cons. If you decided to purchase this powerful machine, you need to know that it comes with Space Gray versions of the Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse (hard to tell that it is a high-quality mouse), and Magic Trackpad. There are no additional colors available, at least for now. In this case, think twice, before you buy a computer for $5,000 with single-color peripherals. The point is if you spend this amount of money, at least you have to have some variations of colors. Otherwise, it is pointless.

First-generation hardware

You may have some doubts regarding the buying of the iMac Pro. Since this machine is full of new processors and hardware, there is always a chance to have some quirks or bugs. The best advice to avoid purchasing of such model and wait some time to get the hardware without unexpected bugs.

It is a revolutionary machine with the most powerful hardware for modern days. If you are looking for something like iMac Pro, then it should be a right decision to buy it. For those who do not like to face inconveniences, it is better to wait for a few months.