Choose Your Personal Mac for School

Summer will soon end and another school year is approaching. And as usual, it would be nice to start it with new smart things that will make your study not so boring but maybe even more exciting.

Certainly, for that purpose will serve new Mac devices that await you with all their boons and beauties. Here we present you only a few of them, but we honestly tried to select the best ones. They are really worth learning about and you will certainly find something that you have been missing for all those years.

An affordable MacBook Air

Let us start with an inexpensive laptop that you may use as a basic portable device throughout the school year. The cozy 11-inch MacBook Air with a weight below 2.5 pounds will only cost you about $1000 (the 128GB flash storage version – about $900 and the more serious 256GB – around $1100) while having practically all that a student may require from an everyday laptop that is always within reach.

The device will successfully cope with practically all student’s needs: it has no trouble running writing and presentation apps, and, of course, it has internet and email and a few more pleasant trifles. The machine also processes video and audio with a decent quality though, certainly, with a lower speed than powerful and specialized Mac computers.

As to the battery life, the MacBook Air is equipped with a battery with 9 hours of wireless web. The battery life for iTunes video is 10 hours. Both values are usually more than enough for a day. And you won’t get worn out with its weight of below 2.5 pounds.

A lightweight competitor, the MacBook

Everybody knows that a backpack with textbooks and a laptop inside is much heavier than one without a laptop. Or with a lighter laptop.

Thus, a good help for students is Apple’s lightest laptop, the MacBook. Slightly over 2 pounds in weight, it is sure a big ease for students.

The model won’t set records in performance and graphics (and it need not do so), but for most useful tasks the student faces, it is quite suitable. With its 12-inch Retina display, an elegant design and gold, space gray and silver colors, it is a decent option for student’s choice.

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More powerful device for students: the 13-inch MacBook Pro

If you, however, intend to carry out more serious tasks on your computer, you will probably need a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. The laptop interiors include a dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, which makes it possible for you to cope with really big projects involving, for example, video processing or song recording. The splendid 13-inch Retina display is perfect for preparing photos for your presentations. And the battery can easily support the model’s work throughout the day. You can’t go wrong with this computer, as it’s not just a helpful device for your everyday usage, but also an irreplaceable “must-have” in your college! Recently, included 13-inch MacBook Pro into its list of the best laptops for students in 2018.

A tablet for students: iPad 2 with a Bluetooth keyboard

For many, the appearance of the iPad a few years ago meant a switch to iPad for all computing needs. And for school purpose, in our opinion, iPad Air 2 is more suitable than, for example, iPad mini because of the larger screen. Students usually type a lot, which is not easy on a touchscreen, so they need an external keyboard.

Luckily for your choice there is a great variety of iPad external keyboards, such as the ClamCase Pro for iPad Air 2 with an aluminium shell, the Zagg Folio with a leather cover and you may also purchase the keyboard shell Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard to cover the screen for the time when you’re not using the keyboard.

Online Apple Store for Education

Buying necessary staff for the school year, you could benefit from the online Apple Store for Education. The discount amounts are not very big. Thus, you can save $20 on the iPad Air, $50 on the MacBook Air and MacBook and unfortunately get no discount offered for the MacBook Pro.

Still, you can economize on school expenses using the services of Apple’s Certified Refurbished store. Where you can buy a second hand or old refurbished device at a considerably lower price than you could spend on a brand new machine.