A Buying Guide for Apple Products

Don’t you know that Apple releases a new iPhone every year and a new MacBook Pro nearly every year? And numerous updates to Apple Watch, iPad and iPadPro plus several more items for sale?

Such a refreshing speed is certainly wonderful, but it also leaves a problem: how to harmonize customer needs with such a flow of every time smarter models? For example, how to avoid the situation when you buy a costly Mac device and in a short time, you wish to replace it with an even more advanced option.

Planning to buy a Mac soon? We have a useful guide for you here

In order to maximize the time of service for your new Apple product, we have compiled this guide featuring useful data for potential Apple customers. When you read it you will know what to expect from the company in the future and will be able to plan your purchases to maximum benefit and economize on expenses.

And here lies a dilemma for you: to bump into the current newest model or wait for the next upgrade. Our advice for such situations is as follows: if you have a slightly older model than the current one, it may be wise to wait until the release of the next model. If you don’t, buy the current Mac or iPhone and you will feel a significant improvement in many aspects.

The new MacBook Pro

It’s a really impressive laptop. Among its advantages is highly customizable Touch Bar, which represents a strip of touchscreen responsive to multitouch, gesture, and taps. The current MacBook has been on sale since October 2016. So the abovementioned Apple’s high refreshing rate means that we should expect another upgrade after a while.

What can be suggested to purchasing a MacBook Pro? If you especially value the Touch Bar with the Touch ID technology, it is exactly the time for you to buy the laptop, as this feature will be hardly updated in the next future. But, if you are more attracted by the overall progress of the model’s capacities, you’d rather wait other several months to look at the purchase of the next MacBook.

The newest iPad Pro: purchase welcome

In its range of Apple devices, the recently released lightweight 10.5-inch iPad Pro tablet is a perfect candidate for purchase, though it may still seem too expensive.

The model is positioned as a proper laptop replacement, and, with its features, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro fully confirms the concept. The new tablet is no longer a companion to the laptop but can be considered as a fully independent device. It has an increased performance CPU (64-bit A10X Fusion) and graphics, a larger screen, and works without a problem with the Apple Pencil to satisfy the lovers of sketching and note-taking.

That means it’s just as sharp as the old display and it has been treated with the same anti-reflective coating, so it’s just as easy to read in tricky, sunlit conditions. But Apple hasn’t left it at that. The new screen has a faster refresh rate (it’s double at 120Hz) and, although you might expect this not to make that much of a difference, in fact, it does, lending everything a slightly smoother, less smeary feel onscreen, especially when scrolling rapidly through long web pages.

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The larger display size is partly due to the narrower bezels, which however don’t affect the tablet’s usability at all. The resolution has been raised to 2,224 x 1,668 with the same pixel density of 264ppi. The refresh rate has doubled to 120 Hz, which results in a smoother picture especially during the rapid scrolling of web pages.

And don’t worry about the battery life with such an increased performance. Tests only show a sensitive increase in longevity thanks to the upgraded battery.

Thus, the general impression is undoubtedly positive. The 10.5-inch iPad Pro performs at a near laptop level and is certainly a great candidate for buying.

And finally the Apple Watch

The newly released Apple Watch Series 3 has several serious changes compared to the predecessor, but the most impressive is, for sure, the model’s built-in cellular connectivity. With that feature, the model becomes a virtually universal wearable device allowing the user a striking variety of functions.

The new hardware includes the S3 dual-core processor, which is supposed to raise the performance by 70%, and a new eSIM to provide cellular (LTE and UMTS) connectivity. To enable the work in the unwelcome environment the microphone has been showcased. And the user can listen to music on the go owing to Apple Music and Bluetooth connectivity.

Being able to charge wirelessly like its predecessors, the model can also use the new AirPower charger.

As usual, much attention is given to the health monitoring capabilities. In particular, the upgraded Heart Rate application notifies the user of irregular heart rate.

As regards the design, despite all upgrades and new features, the device retains its dimensions without becoming any heavier or bulkier.

All the above advantages are strongly in favor of buying an Apple Watch Series 3, though with a little reservation on the practical side. A watch as a device is physically difficult to use for many purposes. As experience shows, the use of such an advanced watch, in reality, is often reduced to the basic functions (thus, you can hardly meet many people watching films on their watches). So with all the undoubted boons that one can gain from the new model, it is worth considering if it is really wise to pay a sizable extra amount for the upgraded functions that you never use anyway.